Prescribing Solutions for America's Prescription Drug Crisis: Utah Valley University

Delivered at the 2013 Utah Valley University Conference on Addiction, this presentation examines the non-medical use of prescription drugs and the Office of National Drug Control Policy's (ONDCP) strategies to curtail prescription drug abuse, notably examining Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PMPs) and the Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) Proposed Rule governing prescription drug takeback programs.  

In particular, this presentation: 

  • Examines the prescription drug epidemic, including current levels of illicit use, initiation, treatment admissions, and deaths; prescription practices & public perception, and doctor shopping; 
  • Assesses the four pillars of ONDCP's prescription drug strategy: (1) Education, (2) Monitoring, (3) Proper Medication Disposal, and (4) Enforcement; 
  • Explores efforts like the Food and Drug Administration's Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy REMS), Prescription drug monitoring programs (PMPS) and prescription drug takeback programs; and 
  • Provides Carnevale Associates' comments on the DEA's Proposed Rule governing prescription drug takeback programs, advocating additional research.  

Download the Full PDF Presentation: Prescribing Solutions for America's Prescription Drug Crisis

Original Presentation Information: John Carnevale, Ph.D. Utah Valley University Conference on Addiction.  Orem, Utah; February 22, 2013. 

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